Beneficial Recycling LLC

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We not only promise to eliminate the hassal of dealing with your material we also promise to constantly look for alternative methods for your material.

Our Services Include:


-Crude Glycerine
-Refined Glycerine

Beneficial Recycling has been able to make glycerine a potential profit stream for what ever quality of the material you are buying, selling, or producing.  If you are a seller and producer we have been able to maximize your profit by using the partnerships we have with end-users.  What ever the quality of glycerine you may have, be assured that we will find a more cost effective or profitable way of handling it.

Fatty Acids:

-Distilled Fatty Acid
-Fatty Acid Pitch
-Oleic Acid
-Stearic Acid
-Fatty Acid Esters
-Amine Nitryl Pitch

As brokers,  Beneficial Recycling brings a vast knowledge of the oleochemical industry which allows us to give an optimal direction for both buyers and sellers.  With our large base of buyers and sellers we are able to position ourselves to find the best source for your needs.

Other Materials:

-Animal Feed                                                        -Lubricating Oils
-Aqueous Material                                                -Metals  
-Burner Fuel                                                         -Organic Material
-Coolants                                                             -PCB Material
-E-waste                                                              -Transformer Oils  
-Fats and Oils                                                       -TSCA Material   
-Feedstock                                                           -Water Waste 
-Hazardous Material                                             -Other     

Beneficial Recycling is always in the market for new ideas and new challenges.  Even though you may not see your material on our list it doesn't mean that we cannot handle it.  Our customers cover a large number of markets and they have many different streams that they would be interested in.                                     

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